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EP • Released Jul 7, 2006



After the unanimously praised ONE/THREE album, the sound of Dabrye (AKA Tadd Mullinix) permutated into its most distinctive form for the "Game Over" single, a head-nodding concoction of handmade sub-bass kicks and soaring drones anchored by vocals from Jay Dee (AKA J Dilla) and Phat Kat.
"Air" is the second and lead-in single from TWO/THREE, offering up a killer combination of crime-thriller synth ascensions and shuffling percussive whacks behind the words of shit-hot lyricist Doom, who gets self-reflexive in a sharp flow about the creation of the track itself, continuing the themes of identity and integrity that have guided his career.
Backed by a gutteral remix by Dabrye himself, "Air" is set to be a standout single, balancing the lyrical dexterity of one of hip-hop's most revered MCs against the unabashed analog sounds of a producer whose future notoriety is all but certain.
  1. 01Air (feat. Doom)3:10
  2. 02Air - Instrumental3:14
  3. 03Air (feat. Doom) - Acapella1:49
  4. 04Air (feat. Doom) - Remix2:53
  5. 05Air - Remix - Instrumental2:52
5 tracks, 13 minutes