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Two / Three Instrumentals

Album • Released Oct 3, 2006



Two/Three, the second in a trilogy of LPs from Detroit beatmaker Dabrye (AKA Tadd Mullinix), has earned massive praise worldwide as one of the most innovative underground hip-hop records of the decade. By overwhelming demand, Ghostly now offers Two/Three Instrumentals, a collection of Mullinix's productions sans MCs that showcases his Midas touch and trademark handmade style. The exquisite thump of tracks like "Encoded Flow" is proof that Dabrye is one of those rare producers whose uncommonly detail-driven creations stand just as strongly on their own as when accompanied by lyrics, and the collection as a whole affirms Mullinix's contention that hip-hop is electronic music.
  1. 01The Stand3:35
  2. 02Air3:12
  3. 03Encoded Flow2:54
  4. 04That's What's Up4:04
  5. 05Nite Eats Day1:59
  6. 06Special3:31
  7. 07Viewer Discretion3:01
  8. 08Pressure3:21
  9. 09Reconsider3:26
  10. 10Get It Together3:33
  11. 11My Life2:15
  12. 12Get Live3:39
  13. 13Game Over3:42
13 tracks, 42 minutes